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29 juillet 2009

Amazone Color Test 2

more contrast and better background, added red higlight for the shape...

maybe try another illustration next time

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27 juillet 2009


Finished, or not... I always want to work on it !

maybe later, these day I have lots of work.

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26 juillet 2009

Colorisation test

inspired by the Wakfu Vectorisation technique, the highlight and details it's still missing.

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14 juillet 2009

Shell paint

Time for some vacation ! I found this shell at the beach and décides to paint it...art is everywhere !
Is about 20 cm of high

-- Louis Lim
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9 juillet 2009

Job sketch 3

Little pirate gals
Pencil and black pen

-- Louis Lim
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8 juillet 2009


Just for the pleasure of good color (and maybe the hot weather...)

-- Louis Lim
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7 juillet 2009

Job sketch 2

Inspiring of the wakfu style, I lové thé art style of this Game !

-- Louis Lim
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3 juillet 2009

Job Sketch

Between two modeling for red steel 2...

No inspiration

Baseball sketch

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